Environmental Resource Inventory

The Environmental Resource Inventory is a compilation of text and visual information about the natural resource characteristics and environmental features of Hopewell Township. It provides baseline documentation for measuring and evaluating resource protection issues. The ERI is an important tool for use by the Township Committee, Environmental Commission, and the Planning and Zoning Boards to evaluate the impact of land use and other decisions on local and regional resources. The inventory includes maps and text containing information of the municipality's land use, geography/topography, geology, hydrology, climate, soils, surface and ground water resources, vegetation, wetlands, wildlife, air and water quality, critical areas, and historic structures.


Note: The ERI is a large report with numerous figures. It has been divided into multiple "PDF" documents to shorten download time. You may also download the entire document if that is your preference. You will need a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDF files.