Significant Tree Program

The Hopewell Township Environmental Commission is preparing an Environmental Resources Inventory for your township and needs help from all residents of the township in identifying significant natural resources that contribute to the character and environment which we all enjoy.

As illustrated on an aerial photograph and a land use/land cover map of Hopewell Township, over 74% of the land area is in agricultural production. The rest of the area is forested, wetlands, or open water. Forested areas and trees are, therefore, one of our most precious natural resources. The Environmental Commission is collecting information on significant trees within our Township to identify and celebrate those of special significance. Nominated trees and their photographs will be added to our significant tree inventory, which is Appendix 4 to the Environmental Resources Inventory.

Significant Tree Categories

We invite residents of all ages to submit nominations for their favorite trees. We solicit information on any significant tree but, for purposes of nomination, consider the following 5 categories: Tallest, Widest, Most Unusual Variety, Tree with a Story, and Picture Perfect. The rules are pretty simple. All nominated trees must be within Hopewell Township and no tree can be nominated to more than 1 category. So join in the fun - fill out the nomination form and the submit electronically; complete and mail with your photograph; or save the entry form to your computer, complete the entry form, and email it with a digital photograph. Either way, nominate your favorite tree for special recognition!


  • Trees reduce soil loss from erosion
  • Trees prevent or reduce pollution of our air and water
  • Trees save energy by providing valuable shade and blocking cold winds
  • Trees add brilliant color and their leaves provide mulch for gardens and woods
  • Plant a tree and know the joy of watching it grow


  • Tree must be living and accessible for verification
  • Tree trunk circumference, in inches, must be measured 4.5 feet above ground
  • Please try to identify the species of the tree - this is important for our search process

Please provide 2 digital (preferred) or paper photographs of your tree. The first photo should be of the trunk and the other showing the whole tree (with or without the contestant).

If you have questions or find a very large tree and need help with identification let us know, we will be glad to help.

Note: Please don't enter private property without permission.

Thank you for becoming part of an effort dedicated to locating, identifying, and raising the public awareness of Hopewell Township's outstanding trees. Happy Hunting!