About Hopewell

Hopewell Township in Cumberland County, New Jersey was founded in 1748 and incorporated in 1798 making it one of the original townships in the state. Bordering Bridgeton and just miles from Philadelphia, Delaware and the Jersey Shore. We've played a major role in the region for over 260 years--and in all that time we've never forgotten what makes Hopewell such a special place to live, work and visit.

Hopewell has a storied history dating back to its time as a prehistoric settlement. Many ancient artifacts and Native American tools have been found throughout the Township including a collection on display at the Municipal Building. Settlers and early patriots called this area home beginning in the 1740s where they found fertile soil and beautiful scenery. Historic villages in Roadstown, Bowentown and Old Cohansey were important parts of the regional economy for decades, and many historic buildings throughout the Township still stand. In the decades that followed Hopewell continued its reputation as a hard-working community and played key part of the region's agricultural economy. For a full history of Hopewell, please see the "Brief History of Hopewell."

Today Hopewell is a safe, close-knit community with a wide variety of opportunities for families and people of all ages. The Township’s school, Hopewell Crest, serves grades K-8 and was ranked the top middle school and one of the five best elementary schools in Cumberland County. Our parks and recreational sports leagues offer opportunities for families and children to remain active, while senior citizens can also enjoy a variety of activities such as music, fitness and art classes at Hopewell’s West Cumberland Senior Center. Popular community events including seasonal festivals and Hopewell Day are held throughout the year. Local businesses and workers succeed based on hard work and a supportive environment and agriculture thrives. Here in Hopewell we are proud of where we are from--and we know you'll love it too!

If you'd like to move to Hopewell, start or grow your business with us or just visit, we have all the information you'll need. Please feel free to contact the Hopewell Township Municipal Building at 856-455-1230 with any questions.