Economic Development Office

The Economic Development Office is tasked with maintaining and improving quality of life in Hopewell by making sure that residents, workers and businesses have access to the types of products and services they need.

The Office, in conjunction with the  Committee, works with developers, small businesses and companies that fit the needs and character of Hopewell to attract new development and support businesses that are invested in the Township's future.

Already own a business or work in Hopewell?

Thanks for all that you do. We're interested in hearing from you to learn how we can help make your experience better.

Looking to come to Hopewell?

If you're looking to come to Hopewell to start, grow or expand your business, we have the resources to assist you throughout the process and look forward to working with you.

Live in Hopewell?

If you are a resident of Hopewell, know that your voice matters. If you have an idea for development, please share it with us!

Cumberland Grows Partnership

If you are interested in looking into development opportunities in Hopewell Township, please take a look at our partnership with the Cumberland Development Corporation.


Contact Us

  1. Leo Selb

    Secretary Economic Development Committee

    Phone: 856-455-1230

    ext. 110

    Tony Stanzione

    Cumberland Development Corporation Executive Director

    Phone: 856-451-4200

    Staff Directory

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