Administration and Clerk

The Administrator's Office is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Township. Hopewell's Administrator also serves as the Township Clerk and Local Municipal Registrar.

The Clerk's Office is responsible for a variety of areas, including voter registration, yard sale permits, and the Clean Communities program. The Clerk's Office also records the minutes for Township Committee meetings.

Township Resolutions and Ordinances are available through the Clerk.

All OPRA Requests are processed through the Clerk's office. 

Additional Duties

Registrar and Dog Registrar

For information related to birth, death, and marriage certificates and dog licensing, please visit our Registrar page

Yard Sales

Yard sale permits are available at the Municipal Building for $5 each. Sales can only be held from March 1-November 30, and must occur during daylight hours. All items that remain from the sale must be removed or stored in an enclosed area within 48 hours of the yard sale.

Hopewell Township Home Rehab Grants

Both Program Information and the Program Application are available online. For additional information, please contact the Administrator.

Vacant Properties

Owners of all vacant properties must complete a Vacant Property Registration Form. In addition, all foreclosed properties are subject to Ordinance 15-06: Maintenance of Foreclosed Properties.

Contact Us

  1. Tom Shannon
    Township Administrator & Clerk
    Clean Communities Coordinator
    Phone: 856-455-1230 ext. 120

    John Hitchner

    Administrative Assistant /
    Deputy Registrar
    Phone: 856-455-1230 ext. 118