Public Works, Housing and Code Enforcement

Public Works

Public works maintains all Township roads, properties and buildings in Hopewell Township. This includes snow removal, road repair and maintenance, open space (park) area, operation of the Hopewell-Greenwich Convenience Center and operation of the sanitary sewer system.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement ensures compliance with property maintenance related issues including vacant dwellings and foreclosure compliance.


Housing ensures compliance with Rental Housing Regulations, Short Term Rentals and change in ownership of residential properties.  

Inspections are completed on Fridays between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon.  Applicants must request an inspection  by completing the attached form and submitting it to our Public Works Department via email ten (10) business days in advance of requested inspection date.  The request is reviewed for compliance and completion of any permits.  A follow-up email will then schedule the inspection appointment and detail the inspection requirements. The requirements for the sale and/or change of occupancy can be found here.

Inspection fees (check or money order only payable to "Hopewell Township") are as follows:

Rental Inspection                                       $75.00

Short Term Rental (AIRBNB)                       $75.00

Smoke Certification                                    $25.00

Smoke Certification Reinspection                 $35.00


For complaints or issues on county roads, please submit a service request to Cumberland County. 

For street light outages on county roads, you must submit a request to Atlantic City Electric.

Key Information:

Rental Inspection Application

Ordinance 15-10: Rental Housing Regulations for Hopewell


Contact Us

  1. Dave Haaf

    Public Works Manager

    Code Enforcement Officer


    Phone: 856-455-1230  x119


    Monday - Friday

    7 a.m. - 3 p.m.