Zoning Office

For your convenience, we have included popular documents on the website below including maps, Zoning Permits and the Development Ordinance, Master Plan and Open Space and Recreation Plan. 

Tax Maps

A tax map is available to the public at our office or online. If you are unsure of your block and lot number, we can assist you.

Zoning Maps

Hopewell Township Zoning Map is available online. We also have hard copies at the Municipal Building. Please refer to the Zoning Schedule  for a list of permitted uses.

Zoning Permit Applications

You can come to the Municipal Building to pick up a Zoning Permit Application or use the online version.  Please bring all completed applications and supporting documents to the Zoning Office.

Development Applications

Development application materials, including answers to frequent questions, the escrow fee schedule and our application can be found below. On the application, please complete the form on page two (2) and send to the Land Use Board.  Please consult the appropriate checklist for a complete list of the necessary documents for your proposed development project. 

Dave Elwell

Zoning Officer


(856) 455-1230 x-119

(856) 319-2200

Jeannette Pace

Land Use Board Secretary


(856) 455-1230 x-118

Development Application

Development Ordinance

Master Plan

Open Space and Recreation Plan